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WMSPanel: web-based reporting and control panel for Wowza 2 and Wowza 3


Our team presents WMSPanel, a web-based control panel for Wowza Media Server. It collects and processes media server statistics and makes reports according to customers’ needs.

We do not parse logs, we take data directly from Wowza.

Here are the basic features we provide.

Manage Wowza servers via web interface. It allows re-starting existing VHosts, add and configure applications, create and remove application instances. Any action may be applied to multiple servers at once. When an application is created, it may be made on all of your Wowza instances.

This may be done without logging into remote server via SSH or JMX, everything is done online including application re-start.

Detailed real-time and retro report with high-detail charts. Retro high detail reports include

  • Average connections (views) count.

  • Total connection count.

  • Average bandwidth.

  • Total traffic.

Retrospective and Real-time charts are available for both servers and streams.

Combined daily reports. Each day’s statistics include:

  • Total views count

  • Views per client type (all Wowza supported types like RTSP, Cupertino etc.)

  • Total In, Out and Lost traffic.

  • Peak bandwidth.

  • Total duration and views count per duration interval.

Billing-specific report based on 5-minutes intervals for:

  • Peak bandwidth.

  • 95-percentile bandwidth.

  • Total traffic.

Real-time and retrospective geolocation info.

May be accessed via iPhone and iPad browsers as well as from Android 3 native browser. Also works well in any Android’s Firefox and Opera.

Downtime notifications for servers.

Our customer may show separate statistics to their clients using User Group approach. It allows separating clients’ data and create data slices of any kind based on Wowza application division.

We also provide a white label branded panel - a way to show your reports to your clients using your own domain and logo without mentioning any 3rd party like WMSPanel. So your customers will work with their data within their own interface.

Currently we implement a number of control features like server configuration management, streams protection and connections restriction based on

Wowza agent supports both Wowza 2 and Wowza 3 server flavors. We use Java-based cross-platform installer for any platform where Wowza is available.

WMSPanel operates as using SaaS model. Customers rent our solution on a monthly fee basis.

You can read more on our web site and in documentation. You can also read our Media Servives technical blog.

Sign up today to try our solution free of charge during first month.

Feel free to contact us about any questions or suggestions, we are opened for any discussions.

Best regards,

Yury Udovichenko,

Product Manager


Recently we’ve implemented WMSAuth functionality for Wowza.

It allows to:

  • Limit simultaneous connections count;

  • Restrict the countries where your visitors are from;

  • Lock the IP ranges of your visitors;

  • Make links re-publishing protection;

    These restrictions may be applied to any of those Wowza entities:

  • Server;

  • Virtual host;

  • Application;

  • Application instance;

  • Stream.

    Geo location updates are automatically downloaded from WMSPanel and your system administrator may forget about maintenance - we handle it.

    WMSAuth is also the basis for Pay-Per-View framework for Wowza available via push API.

    You can read more about this technology in this Wowza forum post.

    Let me know if you have any questions or comments.

We’re glad to announce new geo-location report for Wowza.

It provides daily information about countries and cities where connections were established from.

All statistics are gathered on a user group basis and allows making reports for separate applications and servers.

We have some nice screenshots to see how it looks like.


We’re excited to introduce our first screencast, it shows some of our general features and allows seeing the system in action.


Keep informed about upcoming videos at our YouTube channel. More casts to come soon.



We’re excited to announce that we’ve become a part of Wowza Media Systems product partners ecosystem. This is a great honor and an even larger responsibility for us.

We’re looking forward to seeing you as our customer.



Please find other updates on WMSPanel in corresponding Wowza forum post: Wowza server management via simple web control panel

Here is one our videos from YouTube channel which describes daily statistics.

It covers connections, traffic, bandwidth, duration and geo-location reporting:


Recently our team introduced streams control capabilities which include

  • Start, stop and reset streams - this is done via MediaCaster ™ API;

  • Start and stop stream recording via LiveStreamRecord;

  • Create .stream files;

  • Apply operations to multiple servers;

  • Allow your chosen client to control their streams themselves;

  • Make transactions log to know who’s done what.

    Those features work for all editions of Wowza from 2.x through 3.x to 3.5.x.

    Find more details in this Wowza forum post.