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Working with Cupertino HTTP Streaming and iPhone AudioQueue

I am writing an iPhone app, which is going to play an audio stream from Wowza Media Server 2. Since the wowza server description said that I should use HTTP streaming to play the audio stream on iPhone, I prepared an AAC format audio file and set the server up. I found that my audio stream can be played well by entering the stream URL on Mobile Safari.

I also found that I can play the stream via ‘MPMoviePlayerController’ as well, but it has been figured out that we cannot use MPMoviePlayerController. We hoped to play the audio stream on background, but MPMoviePlayerController pops the quicktime player up on a full screen and covers our all UIs up.

We found that AudioQueue can play an audio stream downloaded from internet with HTTP protocol. This example shows how:

But we soon found that iPhone AudioQueue do not support a MPEG-TS format (.ts) audio file and audio stream, which is a basic unit of HTTP live streaming playlist.

Is there anyone who succeeded to play an audio stream from Wowza Server 2 on background with AudioQueue API, not using the full screen MPMoviePlayerController, on your iPhone Application?

I have the same problem.

does anyone have the solution?

As far as I know, only Safari/Quicktime player are support on IPhone using using HTTP Cupertino stream.


I’m pretty sure you could us UIWebView and show the stream using that. I don’t have access to my development machine here, but I am almost certain I have played around with this with success.

Why can’t you use MPMoviePlayerController?