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Wowz secure stream


Is there a way using SDK to obtain a secure video stream to a server?

A secure version of your protocol wowz or a way to send an rtmps stream.

If yes what parameters I must set during the configuration of WOWZBroadcastConfig?

Thanks in advance

At this time, neither the GoCoderSDK nor the Wowza Player support SSL certificates, but we are adding this support in a future release. I do not have a date yet.

The security options right now @DarthXander are through Engine and you could use a variety of options from secure token to IP address blocking to send a secure RTMPS stream.

Again, no way right now to send a WOWZ stream with the SSL. Most apps are played in a native player, but we do understand that SSL is requested for those apps that are using a browser and I will keep you updated on when we offer that with Wowza SDK and Wowza Player.

Ok, thanks