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Wowza 4.7, NVIDIA Quadro K4000 NVENC problems

I have NVIDIA Quadro K4000 running on Debian 9 Server, Wowza configured to encode using NVENC.

But, this is what happen when I start a live stream :

JNI:TranscoderSession.isCUDAAvailable[defaultVHost:live/definst/worship service-live]: NVidia hardware acceleration is NOT available

What exactly is checking Wowza in order to use Nvenc ?

I don’t understand what is missing.

Any idea ?


This can happen if you are running Wowza Streaming Engine on Windows. We have an article that addresses this issue.

No, Debian 9

We have an article that specifically addresses using Wowza Streaming Engine with Transcoder on Debian that can be found at the URL below. While it is for an older version of Debian the information regarding both configuration and what to install remains the same.


I have Wowza in Docker Container. Do I have to consider something?