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Wowza 4 - Test Video Issue

I’ve been using Wowza 3 for several years and just installed version 4.03 today (on the same machine that version 3 has been running on). I see a lot of value in it’s simplicity, but I can’t even get the “Test Videos” to work. I can log into the website admin page just fine (remotely). When I’m in the admin website, my “Server IP” shows the local IP address of the computer instead of the Public IP address. Is it suppose to show a local one? Can this possible be why the “Test Videos” don’t work? How do I change it to the public IP address?

You can change this IP address by adding the following property within your VHost.xml file under Root/VHost/Manager:

        <!-- Modify this IP -->

This should adjust your test players appropriately.

Thanks for the quick response. I just figured out how to change the IP address by going to “Virtual Host Setup” under “Server”. However, the Test stream on the main page still doesn’t work. Here are my issues:

  1. When I am on the home screen & choose “Test Players…”, I can’t get anything to play.

  2. I created an application called “CustomCams_Class5” and pointed it to a custom streaming file Directory. When a stream file gets added to this directory, how do I get it to auto-stream? And when I remove it, I’d like the stream to stop. I had this working using “StartupStreamsMonitor” in Wowza version 3.