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Wowza and Ruby on Rails integration


I’m developing a Ruby on Rails application which streams audio files. Can people here suggest me or point me to some reference for this integration.

Thanks in advance,


Not sure that really makes sense. Not sure of what the intersection of Ruby on Rails and audio streaming really means. What are you trying to accomplish with Ruby on Rails in regards to streaming? Why not just use Flash embedded in an HTML page?


Why do you need access to an API? If you just need to play audio then you should be able to just embed Flash in an HTML page and be done with it.


I think you are looking for pointer to HTTP Providers ? so enabling an API into Wowza ?

Depending on what you want to do you may need to write your own.


Charlie, I’m building a media(audio) streaming website where i’ll have to stream audio files store in Amazon s3 library and My client has planned to go for Amazon EC2 for hosting.

So I was said Wowza Media server will be a better candidate to consider for this core functionality and I can just concentrate on other parts of the website.

Hope this provides some clarity on my post. Sorry If i have confused you.


Thanks Shamrock,

Does Wowza Media server provides any API or web-services or wrapper for accessing its services?


Yeah, This answers my question… Thanks for the efforts of all in the community