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Wowza Android SDK live streaming with simultaneous image processing

Hi team,

I’m working on a IoT camera monitor system that uses Android on the camera unit and have identified wowza as a potential solution for handling all our video streaming (streaming it from the Android device to the cloud).

We are currently using the camera2 api and are doing some machine learning on the camera input, mainly Image Object Detection using Tensorflow and we need to find a way to do the Object detection whilst streaming the video.

My question is can we use the wowza android SDK with camera2 directly? We’re currently using ImageReader.OnImageAvailableListener to access the video images to do the ML processing on.

Or is there a way for us to periodically access images from the wowza SDK to do image processing on?

Many thanks.

Yes @Mike Smales, you can use the Wowza Android SDK with Camera 2 and we have some sample code on our GitHub here:

You can grab images periodically from the stream. This is one of the options in the SDK menu dropdown when you run it on a device. You will see “Grab a Screenshot”.

Also, you can look into the SceneKit (for iOS) and OpenGL (for Android) examples to grab video frames.