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wowza applications file

So I am doing a project on how I migrated wowza server and I want to explain why the applications file on wowza consist on a hierarchy of folders with no files? How does this work on wowza ? I mean how do these hierarchy files constitute the segment length and all the functionalities of the final application?



Can you clarify the question a bit further? Are you asking about the hierarchy of the xml files?

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Yes exactly. those files i dont understand that theyre empty? I mean, why when migrating your wowza server is it necessasry to copy paste this hierarchy of files under the Application folder to migrate your wowza apps? if they actually do not contain anything…?

The empty folders in the /applications directory each represent an available application. If you remove an application folder, you won’t be able to access the application (even if you have an application.xml in a corresponding folder in /conf).

Additionally, if your application uses shared objects, wowza will store their associated data files within the application folder.