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Wowza as relay server, I want know each edge server's each streaming File infomation

Hi, I’m using Wowza foo EC2.

My EC2 comprise the Single relay server and double edge server.

Relay server registed stream Files like,,, etc.

And Each edge server is connected to relay server. Edge Server Info to each stream be know by rest API.

ex) http://[Edge Server IP]:8087/v2/servers/defaultServer/vhosts/defaultVHost/applications/liveedge/instances/definst/incomingstreams/[Stream File Name]/monitoring/current

[Before use relay server]

Stream File is registed in Single Stream server And Rest API returns accurate BytesIn, BytesOut, BytesInRate, BytesOutRate.

[After use relay server,]

Stream File is registed in relay server AND Rest API returns value all as 0.

I predict that this problem because of edge server not have stream file Stream.

But relay server and edge server can’t have same stream File name.

(By Wowza)

I want to know How I get to the info each stream in Edge Server.