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Wowza autoscaling in AWS EC2


I am using Wowza behind my java application to save the live stream coming from the user end on the same local system after transcoding to 360p.

The flow of streaming is as follows:


I want to autoscale my Wowza instance with the increase in CPU Utilization above 70.

I am using my application & Wowza on the same server.

How can I autoscale Wowza instance with the increase in CPU Utilization?
Do I have to place instances under an ELB?

If I can place them under an ELB then how would instances hold stream connections with ELB with two different disks?

I am confused, Please help.


You can autoscale Wowza Streaming Engine on cloud providers such as AWS. This can be triggered by a variable such as the CPU utilization %.

For more information on AWS autoscaling, you may want to reference the following article :

Wowza has an article that describes how to create a startup package that will be used to configure these scaled instances. This can be found on page 30 of the Wowza EC2 User Guide .

ELB can be used with Wowza Streaming Engine EC2 instances but it’s important to look into configuring the stickiness settings to maintain a consistent connection between a client and the selected server. Other load balancers could be used, such as the Wowza Load Balancer but with scaling groups, you may find that they work better with ELB.

With a single storage location for these VOD assets, you could look into using Media Cache to pull from this networked location, such as an S3 bucket. This should allow you to only maintain one location for your content.

Hopefully these suggestions will get you started on your autoscaling workflow.

Best regards,
Andrew Ramberg