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Wowza Configuration and Tuning Support Consultant Sought

Detailed description of work request

We have a nationwide network of embedded Linux systems with cameras. We are streaming these cameras using Gstreamer to an AWS-backed Wowza Streaming Engine instances. We then view these streams in an angularJS dashboard application we wrote in-house. Currently using MPEG-DASH but can switch to other players if they can work in AngularJS on Chrome. All of this is working in “proof of concept” mode, but we need to tune the solution and make it more secure.

Operating System in use

Running Wowza on 4.1.0 (build 12602) on Linux (amd64) on AWS. Basically a vanilla install of the AWS Wowza streaming engine, then upgraded per Wowza’s instructions.

Additional Software/Network/Integration requirements

Current significant problem is that we cannot get streaming over HTTPS/SSL working to an MPEG-DASH player even though we have followed Wowza’s certificate installation instructions. Works when just using HTTP. Once we get past that SSL issue, we would like the consultant help us tune our Gstreamer-to-wowza link and reduce what we see is a significant latency in the streaming video. Other goals will be:

Securing the camera to wowza RTMP stream (gstreamer configuration)

Reducing latency

Assisting us with a recording strategy to handle playback of past-periods

Assisting us with incorporating web cameras into this mix (non-gstreamer traditional web-cams)

Assisting us with incorporating pan/tilt/zoom controls

Setting up a strategy to scale to hundreds of cameras

Timescales/Delivery date

We are currently involved in this project and would like assistance as soon as a consultant is able. We expect there to be a large chunk of time needed in the beginning, then hope to retain the consultant for periodic work as we scale out our solution.


Please let us know your hourly rate

Hi Dave, my team was involved in writing portals for ip cameras (streaming nature across the globe, timelapses), knows angularjs, AWS, highload and other things.

We were also protecting streaming of kindergartens cameras, so should be able to look at your setup too.

Proper recording is also not a problem.

Contact me here: