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Wowza fails to decode IDR Frames

Have a strange issue where a Wowza mediacaster doesn’t always decode IDR frames. There’ s a consistent pattern where the stream plays as expected for about 15 minutes, and then can’t decode IDR frames for 15 minutes. This was identified by observing the published bitrate of the stream via the JMX interface. The mediacaster connects to a Bosch camera using RTSP with UDP multicast transport. Something which may be related is the RTSP session seems to disappear at some point, however there’s still traffic on the multicast group, so the mediacaster remains active in Wowza. Using packet capture tools, I’ve verified IDR frames are present in the stream. I’ve also performed a capture of the stream as provided through Wowza, and there’s a significant gaps in the stream where IDR frames are missing and video deteriorates.

This server runs Wowza Streaming Engine 4.8.19+4

I see this is being worked on within a support ticket. Please keep us posted if anything else is needed.