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Wowza features fitting our use case


We are in the process of evaluating Wowza for our use case which would be the following:

1. Low latency live streaming via RTSP streams
2. Storing these streams for playback with a retention period of 90 days maximum
3. Extracting/stitching/clipping these recorded streams to mp4 files as quick as possible by passing a start and end time

For the first use case we were able to configure our Hikvision IP camera and re-stream it via WebRTC which works well. The other two use cases we are looking into the best way to implement either with nDVR but not entirely clear here.

Would appreciate some pointers here and the feasibility of the last two use cases and how we could possibly go about it. We would like to utilize the REST API to achieve these.


@Tech_User2023 Thank you for sharing your workflow goals. I do recommend reaching out to our Sales Team to further discuss on how we can help assist: