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Wowza GoCoder doesn't hear external microphone connection

I can use the GoCoder to connect to my server and it does what I expect it to do except the GoCoder is using the cell phone microphone instead of the external microphone/mixer as its audio source. It’s a hard-wired connected to the Android phone. Every other audio program on the phone hears the external setup instead of the cell phone mic, which is what I expect. GoCoder doesn’t.


Hi @Chaz Maddi, sorry for the delay, I was out of the office. The GoCoder app and SDK do support bluetooth mics. As far as hardwired, the answer is is depends if it has the compatible drivers to get the data onto the device so we can grab it.

It doesn’t seem to be all across the board consistent for all mics so we always encourage testing first before putting anything into production.

Unfortunately, I do not have a list of hardwire mics that are compatible. If anyone here in the forums has some suggestions, please post which have worked for you.Thanks!