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Wowza GoCoder iOS SDK 1.7.0 Known Issues

The latest SDK seems to fix some of the player issues we’ve experienced in our app. However there are a number of ‘known issues’ that would be worst for our users than the new SDK would fix. I was wondering how long before we start seeing fixes/updates to the ‘known issues’ for the iOS SDK.

Thanks @Shaun Newsum for expressing this. The SDK team would like to know what specific issues you are most interested in so we can provide some specific timelines for you, rather than try to address them all. I appreciate it and then I will follow up with you right away.

Thanks for replying so quickly. Specifically the player issues when it comes to handling interruptions or going into background are preventing us from updating.

  • Audio is lost after audio interruption from another app.

  • With background option enabled, issues occur with the video (corruption, flicker, or pausing) after backgrounding using HOME/Power button.

  • If a user is streaming and their connection switches from WiFi to cellular the connection is lost and the app crashes.

-Audio stream doesn’t resume once app is resumed from the background. Workaround: Start and stop the stream instead.

Ok. I will this pass this on right away and respond when I have more info for you.

Hi @Shaun Newsum, I spoke with the SDK team and I guess they had made the decision to list all reported issues from various users from all previous versions of our SDK and these aren’t just known issues from 1.7. Some of these issues are reported by just a few users and so we go in a replicate and test each one thoroughly so see if it is user error or actually something we need to fix on our end. When it is something we corrected, we list it under each new release.

They are going to go in to the docs and put each reported issue and list them under each version where it was reported. The way it is now, I agree with you, it looked like that was a long list of known issues in 1.7 only. Thank you for reporting it to me so we can go in and make that doc more clear to the community.

Furthermore, in regards to the issues you listed, I am going to provide you with times very soon. I am gathering more info. Your feedback has been very helpful so thank you!

Thank you for following up Rose. I’ll go ahead and start testing the latest SDK without our app.

Great! Please feel free to share more feedback, so I can pass it on to the engineers.