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Wowza GoCoder SDK in Xamarin forms

I done live streaming in Xamarin Forms with Wowza GoCoder SDK.

Now I want to pause functionality from streamer side and notify pause event to player for advertisement.

Also want to know How we can live streaming user wise(from multiple device).

Thanks for posting @Ritesh Darji and we’re happy to hear that you were able to use the SDK with Xamarin. Wowza does not officially support SDK use with Xamarin. Also, we do not have a way in our SDK right now to pause live streams, only stop and restart them.

For pausing a live stream to play a video ad through Wowza Cloud:

You can pause the stream on the Player side as well:

Thanks @Rose Power-Wowza Community Manager

I have created one live stream on wowza cloud and start it with “Start Live Stream” button.

I have also successfully played live streaming in JWPlayer example with Playback Urls (Apple Hls - https://wowzaprod264-

Now I need to display users list whose are live now and when click on the any item play only selected user’s stream in player, But there is only single Apple HLS on wowza. Is there option to create, start and stop live stream from coding for different users?

Also Play Advertisement in live stream on pause:

Is there any command, flag or data which I can pass in Wowza streaming when click my pause button and then My JWPlayer code identify that command,flag or data from streaming and start an advertisement in JWPlayer?

greate Ritesh. I m also try to implement Gocoder sdk in xamarin forms but no success.can you help me in this.


I want to implement this functionality on Xamarin Forms. How can we implement xamarin Forms?

Pls, help me.