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How to avoid increasing heap memory?

my wowza every 6 hours the memory is increased running out of space, wowza is offline

Please help me

You didn’t let us know what the logs said, so for an accurate diagnosis of your HEAP issue, we’ll need a support ticket to fully review all of your files and logs.

In the meantime, if you’re getting an out of space error, you can make sure that heap dumps are created automatically if there is an out of memory issue by following the details in this support article:

If there is an out of memory issue again, the hprof dump file will be placed in the /logs folder.

Otherwise, this is a matter of tuning your hardware to meet your streaming needs.

Hello, thanks, I opened the ticket and sent the logs, after 12 hours, 6 hprof was generated, :frowning:

I sent them all, waiting for answers on the ticket 368108