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wowza inquiry video switchboard in broadcasting

Does Wowza allow broadcasting?

For example I would pipe in 1 stream and have a few local pipes using ffmpeg.

stream 1 --> switchboard
stream 2 --> switchboard
stream 3 --> switchboard

select any stream {1,2,3…} --> restream 1
select any stream {1,2,3…} --> restream 2
select any stream {1,2,3…} --> restream 3
select any stream {1,2,3…} --> restream 4

Many in, many out.

Like a video switchboard in broadcasting?
I like the service idea, but I am spending money here to experiment, I don’t know if Wowza has what I need.

Otherwise I will be building Dockerized containers using nginx-rtmp-module to accomplish my goal, and skipping Wowza.

I use and it also is terrible at this.

So far most services are not very good at this.
They all require pausing and playing to switch stream sources.

Seamless switching of input to selectable output is what I seek.

Happy to help @Paul Santos and appreciate your honesty in what you’re searching for.

Yes, you should be able to connect multiple incoming streams to the same application using different UDP ports via MediaCaster stream files. Your Wowza software should establish these as different socket connections. However, do note the socket buffer sizes and to ensure you have enough bandwidth to support ingest.

There is a pre-compiled module that allows you to generate one output stream (called a Stream object), that loads up a playlist of different stream sources. It would then switch through these different sources depending on a schedule and order specified in the list. The analogy is similar to a TV broadcast channel. You can also switch between different live sources (your MediaCaster stream files) and VOD files (your ads).

This Stream object is typically published as a new stream name in the same application where you are ingesting the source MediaCaster streams. Your playback URL would be referring to this output stream.

Here’s where you can read more about configuring this for your application:

You can also do this is an origin-edge scaling scenario:

Once you have generated the Stream object, you can then packetize and repeat this stream to your edge applications as you would any other published stream.

Hope this helps!