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Wowza Integration in Android

Hi all,

I want to stream my live android camera data on the WOWZA server. Currently i am trying this with RTMP library “Android-rtmp-client” , but didn’t get any success. I did a lot of workaround but all in vain. Can anyone suggest me which library i have to use and i can achieve this task.The major problem in “Android-rtmp-client” library according to me is that it doesn’t support h264 encoded video, it only support h263 encoded video but WOWZA only accept h264 encoded video. Thanx for any suggestions.

I don’t know what else to suggest for streaming from Android. At present h.264 is required. A future release of Wowza may support h.263, but I do not have a time frame for that.


This customer is using BigVEncoder

I have not used it


Take a look at VLC:


Hi everyone,

I am waiting for help from a long time…can anyone help me how can i do that. Or suggest me a library that support wowza in android.

Hi Richard,

Thanx for ur reply. But as i searched BigVEncoder is not a open source project. I need to implement this streaming in my own application.

The given code it to stream a static ideo from vlc to wowza media server…i am able to send a static file using my Android-Rtmp-Client Library. But when its comes to live streaming these are not looking promissing.