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Wowza listening on TCP port 57136.

I noticed that the Wowza daemon listens on port 57136, though I can’t find that port in any configuration files anywhere.

I was just wondering what that port is used for?

Morgan Hamill

Hi there, Morgan.

First I would suggest to reboot

Start Wowza in standalone mode using [install-dir]/bin/startup.bat | Look for a line with: Bind successful ([any]:1935).

If you see that then Wowza is the only thing listening on port 1935. If you still can’t browse to Wowza, check your firewall:

iptables -L

If your firewall is not blocking, and you still can’t browse to Wowza, your HTTPProviders may be misconfigured in VHost.xml.

You might want to try re-installing.

I hope this helps.



I suspect that this is the RMI port used by the JMX interface.

In order to disable the JMX interface, you will have to modify the [wowza-install-dir]/conf/Server.xml file and set the JMXRemoteConfiguration/Enable parameter to “false”.

Also, in your [wowza-install-dir]/bin/ file, you will need to comment out the following line as well:


Hmm, perhaps I was unclear.

I’m having no issues related to listening on any ports.

I am just wondering what Wowza uses port 57136 for, as I prefer to full understand the systems I deploy.