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Wowza LoadBalancer Crash

We use the current version of WOWZA LoadBalancer (4.5, build 17278) with the current version of WOWZA (4.8.19+4, build 20220628155901).

The LoadBalancer Client is configured to count the connections and after a view days, this crash happens:

ERROR server comment 2022-07-19 12:16:02 - - - - 85384.254 - - - - - - - - exception thrown. : java.lang.NullPointerException|at com.wowza.wms.plugin.loadbalancer.client.LoadBalancerClientExtensionConnectionCounts.processClientInformation(|at|

Is this a known bug or is there a known fix for this behavior?

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Sorry for no answer on this, I was out of the office on Friday.

I do see you submitted a support ticket and so for the rest of the community who may follow this post, I am going to share the recommended solution from our Wowza Engineers:

I recommend that you install the most recent version of Java 11 for your platform and use that instead of the one that ships with the Wowza Streaming Engine software. Do this on all the servers in the load balancing workflow.

While I can see you’re using the latest version of the Wowza Streaming Engine software and the latest version of the load balancer on this server, please also ensure that you have the same on all the other servers in the load balancing workflow. It’s important that you don’t mix and match different versions when using Origin/Edge and/or load balancing functionality.