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Wowza loadbalancer: Web hls player does not redirect to the corrrect link

We have 2 wowza servers which use wowza load balancer. The android application is working fine. The reactJS PWA web application player which uses react-player, which contains hls.js and video.js isn’t redirecting to the correct url

I don’t know which of the above components is faulty, no error is shown whatsoever is there anything we need to do in order to help react-player redirect to the correct URL?

Some settings in Wowza or some tweaks to the player? Does anyone have any experience regarding that?

Note: if I disable the load balancer and give the player a normal link, the player works.

Hopefully someone here in the community or one of our consultants can help you. Wowza doesn’t support react at this time and we’ve no documentation to share with you. If you don’t get an answer, feel free to ask in our dev slack channel where there is a broader range of streaming workflows and topics, even outside of Wowza’s scope.

For web players, you only support JW player?

No. We work with several players, just don’t have any official docs for you on a react wrapped player. Not to say it wouldn’t work, let me check with our Wowza Player transition team as they’ve been investigating several other players- be back soon to see what they suggest for you.

In the meantime, you can see all the players we work with here if you scroll down and click on the card for playback. It’s a long list…

Hey @Elie Obeid the engineers think this may potentially be a load balancer issue and not necessarily the player, but can’t be sure without seeing everything and as you know that requires a support ticket. Hope we can get it worked out for you pretty quickly!

Could you please ask the engineers to get any stream link they have which uses load balancer and try to play it here

does it play or not? if it plays, what settings did they turn on?

Hi Elie,

load balancer URL like: https://[load-balancer-ip-address]/redirect/[application-name]/[stream-name]?type=m3u8 may not work because of mime type. You can set it by hls.js setting if react-player allows to add it.