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Wowza Log Socket State Meaning

Investigating issue with SRT streams dropping and I have noticed that in the log this line:
LiveMediaSRTReceiver read timeout. [live/] failDuration 3508 Socket State: 5
In another log I get a similar line with this:
LiveMediaSRTReceiver read timeout. [live/] failDuration 0 Socket State: 6

I need to understand what these socket states represent?


Can you provide more details on the workflow? Is this a stream target? Are you using Vmix? MediaCaster being used? Whatever you can provide. Reason I ask is that those errors mean the connection timed out because the stream was not available within the time limit, which is still not helpful as far as why. I believe the default is 3 seconds but can be changed to 6.

Let me ask tech support about those socket state codes, I’m not finding anything on our site, but maybe I’m missing it.

Thank you Rose.

This is an SRT stream setup in Wowza using a stream file. SRT stream is being pushed into the Wowza instance (running in AWS) from an encoder using ffmpeg.

We are seeing sporadic stream disconnections for a few seconds, at the moment it is not clear for us if the disconnections are happening at the source (ffmpeg) or by Wowza, but from your comment it seems that Wowza is not receiving the stream anymore and so we are hitting the time out.

In attempting to improve the stream reliability I have been adjusting the Stream Time out, with the default 3 seconds we saw the same errors.

I am very keen to understand what the socket state numbers signify in an attempt to determine at what end the stream is being terminated.


I can share some information @Martyn_Gilbert , but it may be best to submit a ticket to really drill down to the exact cause.

The socket can enter the broken state if the connection drops/hits an inactivity timeout.
It also can enter the broken state in some cases when a socket is initially accepted and the passphrases for the encryption do not match.

FFMPEG may allow for printing out of SRT stats to check this on the sender side

Thank you so much. I am working to get a support in place to raise a ticket but in the meantime…

I am still experiencing problems with streams that can be up for many days are suddenly dropping. I have noticed a difference in the errors on two streams coming from two separate sources.

LiveMediaSRTReceiver read timeout. ---- Stream not healthy [stream timeout]
MediaCasterStreamValidator.onValidateMediaCaster ---- failDuration 0 Socket State: 6

What is the difference between these two?

Unfortunately just no way for us to know without looking because they’re such generic error codes- could have several reasons as the cause. Firwalls, network congestion which is dropping frames or ending the connection- we’d need to replicate on our end and test it out. I’ll follow your ticket to see what it has to say.

I didn’t see a ticket under the email address you have used for this wowza forums account…Please send us a ticket when you can so we can resolve this. You should not be experiencing streams dropping.