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Wowza Media Engine AWS add php project


I purchased the wowza streaming engine aws bundle and if I currently access the ip like this:

I get this message

Wowza Streaming Engine 4 Trial Edition (Expires: Dec 25, 2017) 4.6.0 build19395

And if I access this:

I get the basic UI.

So far so good.

Now I would like to add my php project to that aws server, what is the proper way to accomplish this.

I am not sure how and where the ip is mapped (do not know how where it returns the message above).

So that would be a good way to open my personal webapp using the ip above but keeping the streaming engine alive?

If I open for instance it shows this string “Wowza Streaming Engine 4 Trial Edition (Expires: Feb 10, 2018) 4.6.0 build19395.”

I would like to show my php project / page if the user opens that domain / ip. How can I “override” it for instance.

Can I just install a LAMP Stack without having worries to destroy the wowza application.

I would go through this tutorial if it is fine

You can use the same IP address if you don’t need port 80 for wowza (remove 80 from the port list in VHost.xml). If you want to have both wowza and apache on port 80 (and 443 if you’re using SSL), you’ll either need a separate public IP for apache, or run a proxy server in front of wowza and apache to reroute port 80/443 requests to the appropriate application server.

Ok so I am going to try to remove the port 80 from wowza (wowza will still run right?, it should would not show something if I open the page in my browser), then I install a LAMP stack and copy the php project properly and try to map that project to port 80 so that the browser does actually show my php app if I type the wowza ip

Ok I removed the port 80 the main page does not show anything now which is fine and domain:8088 does show the manager so far so good. Now I would basically install a lamp stack correct?

Correct. You’ll configure apache to bind to port 80 now that wowza isn’t using it.