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Wowza Media Server Manager

I am migrating my server to a new provider. So I have installed Media Server on the new server and it starts with no problems. No errors in the log, etc. Now I want to test the server to make sure it is functional and I am trying to run the manger and it is not running. This is on Windows 2016 server with 3.6.4 of media server. I’ve looked through all the other forum responses I could find and did not see an answer. They tell me to look for a “manager/bin” directory in the install “bin” directory and this does not even exist for me to start it with it’s .bat script!

So I don’t see how I can test my new migrated installation without having this in place and running. Just how do I get the manager installed? Where else can I look?

I should also note there there does not exist an entry for the Manager in Services. Just for the Wowza Media Server 3.6.4 So clearly this is not getting installed.