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Wowza MP4 URL for Live Stream

I purchased

It needs a MP4 and a WEBM Url from wowza to work. I got the WEBM link to work, but I am not getting a MP4 source from Wowza to work. I tried


Any Suggestions appreciated.

Did you ever get this resolved?
I need the same.

@Richard_Krvaric Can you please share your current issue with Wowza Streaming Engine.

My company does a live stream once or twice a month.
Since the death of the wowza player in January, we’ve been looking at different open-source players.
I simply want a free player for my live streams. We host no other content.

These players require .mp4 and/or .webm streams.
I don’t know if I can get those streams out of Wowza or not.

I have these coming from Wowza…
https company/live/myStream/manifest.mpd
https company/live/myStream/playlist.m3u8
rtmps company/live/myStream

For now, I found Shaka-Player, and it works great with the manifest.mpd stream.

Am I supposed to get .mp4 and .webm from Wowza server?

And I just realized that was a 5 year old thread… shame on me…


The most common protocols to use are HLS and DASH.

For HLS, clappr is an easy player to use:

Embed code is under, “Usage.”

Then use the below format for live playback:

And if you have VOD MP4 streams: