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Wowza multiplex input configuration

I am trying to configure multiple ts source which is from my encoder, source is multiplex format of source is udp://@ in this source 8 program we have same ip and same port my question is how we can specify programs separately in wowza streaming engine stream them?

Hi @Salman Tahir, you can specify the audio- and videoPIDs, or the Program ID in the .stream file. See

HI Karel,

Thanks for your reply,and very helpful doc link which was you send me now when we start streaming engine for multiple stream our CUP usage will go on 100% while we just only 4 input to stream like udp://@

and all the stream are freezing issue, my server configuration is

Intel DX78SI
Ram : 32GB

Processor : i7-3960X, 3.3 GHz, L3 15 MB

OS : Windows10

I would be very thankful for your best cooperation


Salman Tahir