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Wowza origin failover


I have two wowza servers configured as ORIGIN servers, and four wowza servers configured as EDGE servers.

How can I assure failover if one of the origin servers dies? I’m talking about VOD and LIVE streaming.

So let’s say I have 2 edge servers connected to origin1 and 2 edge servers connected to origin2 server. Origin1 dies. What mechanism can I use for wowza to be able to detect that origin1 is down and switch all users from edge servers to the existing origin2 server? I don’t want to do that manually. Dynamic Load Balancing solution? Is that it?

Thank you

There is nothing built-in to Wowza to do that. You can configure a backup origin, either in Application.xml /OriginURL with pipe delimited URLs, or in a .stream file with pipe delimited URLs, but this only works for a new client connecting to an edge. Clients streaming from an edge that is re-streaming from a failed origin are not handled. If you have Flash RTMP clients you can use remote calls (IApplicationInstance.broadcastMsg) to tell them to re-connect