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Wowza player licence key

Hi. Can we have Wowza player licence key if we bought Wowza Streaming Cloud Live Event Starter Plan? Or we should buy it separately?

Yes @Ruben Harutyunov, you have automatic access to the Wowza Player when you have either a Wowza Streaming Engine or Wowza Cloud account.

If your player key (which starts with XXXX2) did not arrive in your email inbox when you signed up for Wowza, you can email and they will send it to you. Sometimes, the player key will prepopulate in the player when you launch it, it all depends on if you had a player key before we made changes a few years back. But, you have several ways to find your player key.

NOTE! It is a common error for people to enter their Engine license key instead of the player key and vice versa. Your Engine key begins with XXXX4-XXXX…

It has a 4 and the Player key has a 2.

Login to the Player here:

Here is a Get Started With Wowza Player workflow for you:

Please reach out if you need any assistance…

Good Tutorials

So glad they helped!