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Wowza Player (no Apple HLS over HTTPS option)

When choosing a player (either “Original HTML5 player with Flash fallback for older browsers” or “Wowza Player HTML5 with Flash fallback for older browsers”) the instructions state:

“In order to choose Wowza Player, the Delivery Protocol must be Apple HLS over HTTPS and Closed Captions must be None. If necessary, click Back to set the Delivery Protocol and Closed Captions options on the Video Source and Transcoder Settings page.”

The same is said in other support documentation:

The problem is that the Delivery Protocol option is not available on the Video Source and Transcoder Settings page.

I’m trying to use the Wowza player, but it’s not loading. Not sure if the above could be the issue. Any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks!

Hello Brent,

At this time, this feature is not supported. It is on the back logged feature requests to add the HLS over HTTPS option when you choose the option to have Wowza Cloud transcode the ingested stream from your Wowza Streaming Engine.

I do not have a timeline to provide you, but it is under consideration.

I hope this helps clarify.



Hi Mac, thanks for your response and explanation. Perhaps the documentation should be updated (I saw it in at least two places), as it’s a bit confusing. Best, Brent

Thanks for the feedback Brent. Cheers!

Sad to see a 2 year old post about these and documentation that is still out of date/confusing/doesn’t correspond to actual settings in Wowza Cloud.

This configuration guide still says to use HLS over HTTPS to use the Wowza Player, and it is still not an option in Wowza Cloud.