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Wowza Player with React

I’m trying to develop a web application using Wowza Player and your Wowza streaming server. The documentation only shows ways of adding tags. I’d prefer to keep my index.html as small as possible. Is there not a npm package or anything? or support for es5, es6? No support for web frameworks like Angular/React/Vue? I’m trying to use ReactPlayer instead but am running into CORS errors intermittently. Any idea on how to fix that?

Hi @Wowza Player. There’s no npm package or ES5/6 support for the Wowza Player AFAIK.

I did a quick test with a Live HLS stream on and that worked fine for me. The CORS error message can be a bit vague sometimes. Possible causes of the CORS error:

  • You’ve not enabled CORS in Wowza (this is enabled by default, so unlikely)

  • The stream isn’t available or you’re using the wrong playback URL

  • You’re mixing HTTP and HTTPS (if your web page loads over HTTPS, you must also load the stream over HTTPS)