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Wowza Security Token is not working in Mediacache


I am using wowza streaming engine with playback security option and it works well.

But i have had a problem of storage space so i am trying to use Amazon S3 with Wowza Media cache.

Connecting between S3 and Wowza is success and i can play my audio files without playback security.

however, it doesn’t work with playback security i can see a error of access problem which is HTTP 403 ERROR.

A source code of making wowzatoken is not a problem because it works when i use VOD(not VOD Edge with S3). it doesn’t work when i use Mediacache even i set same options with VOD which works well.

Also i tried to make a new VOD and put same playback security options to check security options are problem. but it works well. it is not working only VOD Edge(Media Cache)

Are there any options for Security of Media Cache?

Hello ByeongJik,

So we may better assist you, I’ve created a case, in which we may discuss this issue in further detail and exchange resources to expedite troubleshooting and resolution. I will send a response from the case thread.

As a result, I am closing this post. Feel free to reach out and reference case 328874 if you do not receive my initial response.