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We need an expert who can configure Wowza flash media server on our windows 7 laptop server. Currently we have 8gb or so of RAM allocated but wowza only uses 1gb. There will be ongoing maintenance and opportunity to work with our application associated with it (ie programming or additional consultation).

Operating System in use

Windows 7

Additional Software/Network/Integration requirements

We run a custom Flex web application on windows with apache, mysql, and php installed. We have built JAR files which extend (as I understand) Wowza functionality. Our application is completely dependent on using wowza not only to distribute the video to all users with our application “Vulcan”, but Wowza also acts as a conduit for all messages between user instances of our application. I believe the JAR files execute PHP files which then make updates to the database. There are some minior ruby scripts too for syncing between multiple servers, but I don’t think these impact our Vulcan Wowza application much.

Timescales/Delivery date

We need our server to be properly configured. We haven’t touched it much and are running into problems with our app being slow to respond (aventhough it appears our hardware resources are just fine).

Provide an expected delivery timescale for the project.

Within 3-4 days


Name your price. People with great skills will be compensated more because they’ll get done faster and do it right!


With more than 15 years of experience in development and 5+ years of experience with Wowza Media Server, I’m confident that I can help you to a satisfying solution. It sounds like your current Wowza configuration isn’t tuned for performance, but we can easily change that.

Please contact me by email ( or on Skype (karelboek) to discuss this further. It’s not usual to write prices here on the forum, but I can give you all necessary information by personal communication.

Kind Regards

Karel Boek