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Wowza server installation, configuration and integration

We are looking for assistance in the installation and configuration of a new wowza server and integration with existing services in a mature environment. Tasks include:

• Install and configure Wowza on 2 servers provided by Perimeter

• configure Transcoding add-on including transcoding profile and GPU acceleration

• Create a custom Wowza plugin:

○ Expose a start http service that starts a streaming service

○ Expose a stop http service that stops the streaming service

○ The start service should include a streamId, stream type (rtp or mpeg-ts) and an optional event-name and speaker

§ If the event-name and speaker is provided the service should embeded it into the meta data for the transcoded files

§ The service should also put in some standard copyright meta-data info into the transcoded files

○ Note: the services do not need to be SOAP services and can use the simplerIHTTPProvider.oHTTPRequestmethod. Thisexamplehas most of what we need, just needs to be extended to add the meta-data requirements and to kick of the transcoding, but Perimeter is looking for advice as to the best approach

• Help uploading a number of pre-existing files

• Recommendations for best configuring Wowza including what plugins to use (Multi-cast publishing, load-balancing, mediacache etc.)

Feel free to reply to this post or contact us directly:


Ben Davies

Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics

Waterloo, ON, Canada


I can provide the requested services and module; please have a look at the email message that I sent you.

Kind Regards,

Karel Boek