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I’m new to WOWZA and I’m trying to stream my security cam using RTMP. I’m using the url of
rtmp:// but couldn’t stream, I’ve disabled the authentication, I got errors from my security cam saying that it cannot connect. I’ve checked other related. posts, one of the post said that it might relate to the DNS issue where the DNS is not refreshed yet. I’m going to use the server ip address but where can I find it?

Thanks for helping!


please open a support ticket from your account, so we can help in your individual use case.

Server IPs are assigned dynamically so there is no single IP we could provide.

If you suspect DNS resolution issues, you might try using one of the big public DNS servers (Google, Cloudflare, OpenDNS) as the resolver.

Note though the example you posted won’t work as the port number is wrong, it should be 1935 instead of 1953.

Bernd Backhaus
Wowza Support
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Typically, the port is 1935 not 1953. WSE is set up for 1935