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Wowza serving mpeg-dash manifest.mpd behind an apache proxy

I have a very simple situation that i am struggling to solve.

I have one server hosting both apache and wowza streaming engine.

Apache is listening to port 443 and serving web content. I have wowza serving secure streams over port 446 virtual host.

I setup apache to do virtual hosting such that when a client requests media, it will proxy to wowza server as follows:

<VirtualHost *:443>

ProxyPass “/wowza_cache” “

ProxyPassReverse “/wowza_cache” “


this is working and it returns a manifest file. however, when i open the manifest file, it contains the location of the original server which is not accessible directly

This makes the manifest file loadable, but the actual media unplayable, since 446 is not accessible directly.

Can anyone help me set this up so that it can be accessed via 443?

Thank you.

Hi @charles mackay, tech support is requesting a support ticket be opened for this. They need to take a closer look and run some tests on this workflow.


Hi @charles mackay, have a look at this post:

If I remember correctly, it’s now also possible to change the BaseURL, but I don’t remember if and how right now.