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Wowza SNMP Not working "SNMP Agent: Failed To Start" error


I am using steps from above tutorial but I am always getting error “SNMP Agent: Failed To Start”

I am using Wowza 4.6.0 and for the step Server.xml configuration I have noticed it already created com.wowza.wms.snmp.server.SNMPServer

so I am not copying this line…

I always gets the error “SNMP Agent: Failed To Start” whenever I restart Wowza server…

Hello engrali.

See if removing SNMPServer and saving the .xml file, then restart the server. Now add it once more, save and restart. See if it works now for you.

If that does not work,

Do you have any other ServerListeners installed besides SNMPServer?

See if temporarily removing them, saving restarting will allow the SNMPServer to start correctly.