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Wowza streaming Cloud and GoCoder SDK issues


I’ve just gotten into coding with the GoCoder SDK and am having trouble getting the sample apps within the SDK to connect to a Wowza Streaming Cloud instance I have set up.

The Streaming cloud has given me the hostname, port, username, password (if authentication is on) and all other necessary fields. I plug them into the GoCoder app and I get an error with (Code = 11)

Can anybody walk me through getting this to work? Am I even on the right track here or are these services incompatible. I don’t know where to go from here.

Thanks in advance for any help :slight_smile:


We do have a forum section for posting GoCoder SDK questions. I am going to relocate this post there.



I’ve amended your post so as not to display your credentials. Please do not post those in a public forum.

The response does seem to suggest an issue with your credentials. If it is still occurring then I’d recommend opening a support ticket and we can investigate in more detail.




If you are connecting to your GoCoder SDK-based app to Wowza Streaming Cloud, you would need to perform the following in order to avoid connection errors:

  • Your Streaming Cloud Live Stream instance would need to be configured as Other RTMP or with an RTMP Stream Source, and you would need to manually set your connection parameters (host, port, appName, streamName, userName/password) in your custom mobile app. You cannot use GoCoder as your Video Source type for your Cloud Live Stream instance, since this method creates a connection code specifically for the GoCoder application. You can simulate using connection codes with your mobile app. However, you will need to do so by using the Streaming Cloud REST API to obtain the connection parameters and automatically setting them for your user.

  • Ensure that the Cloud Live Stream instance is running at the time when you call the startStreaming method from your app.

  • Try configuring your Cloud Live Stream instance without any source authentication.

You may also want to look into gathering error log information from your app.


This is now being handled in the created ticket (165566)

I’m also having issues with this, only my error code is 14. I just submitted a ticket, but thought I’d bump this thread as well.

cpsiaki, did you ever figure this out?

I am also having issues - I am new to Wowza and am evaluating the software. I signed up for Wowza streaming cloud and created a live stream as RTMP (other RTMP). Did everything as the default.

I then downloaded the GoCoder SDK for IOS - specifically the Objective C example

In the Wowza Broadcast Settings I entered

Host Address: (which came back after I started the stream)

Port: 1935

Application Name: live

Stream Name: XXXXX

User Name: XXXXX

Password: XXXXX

When I hit the red start button I get

The user name or password is invalid (code = 5)

Please help, any suggestions welcome

Wowza Cloud Go Coder Connection Code doesn’t work on Android S10 Phone.

Downloaded APP Go Coder, set up live stream on Wowza Cloud, input the Connection Code, and Nothing. Very Disappointed in Wowza Cloud at this Point.

I just double checked with 2 SDK engineers and the Android S10 uses Android 9 which both our GoCoder app and SDK support.

Can you tell me what error you are getting and then I can look into it for you @Brian Clark

Thank you.

Can you also send me a screenshot of your connection codes from Cloud?

Update: @Brian Clark

The engineers are aware of an in issue with the connection code in the workflow you described and are currently working on resolving that.

Thank you for bringing it to our attention.