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Wowza Streaming Cloud - Hosted Page Password Protection


There is a reference to this potential feature add on the website.

Q: Password protection? secure webpage?

A: You can embed the video stream behind a password-protected page or paywall, but the standard hosted page is not protected. This is on our product roadmap.

Are there any updates regarding the addition/availability of this feature?




You can use the embed code that is available for Wowza Streaming Cloud to add the Wowza Player or HTML5 Player to a page that is behind a playwall or that is password-protected. At this time there is no password protection for the hosted page.


Alex C

OK, Thanks again

please wowza add this option to your streaming cloud everyone want this option because in that way we protect our stream easily please add this thanks in advance like domain protection etc…

I’d also like to mention that Wowza no longer issues licenses for Wowza Player as of April 2, 2020. If you had a player license before that date, you are welcome to submit a support ticket if you’d like some help securing your stream in cloud and the hosted page. It does stream over https in Cloud as well.

Hello @IRFAN SAQLAIN I’d like to help you. This post is old and we do have several options to protect your stream in Cloud including a token being required to access the video in the player.

Or am I not understanding what you need? Can you let me know if this helps you?

“You can control playback with Wowza Player and Wowza Streaming Cloud using geo-blocking or token authorization. Geo-blocking allows you to selectively allow or block access to Wowza stream targets to control where a stream can be viewed. Token authorization protects streams by requiring a token, which is hashed and appended to the playback URL, for viewer access.”