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Wowza Streaming Cloud Rest API Access

We have purchased Wowza Streaming Cloud Starter Subscription, but under my account I am not able to access Wowza Streaming Cloud REST API. Its still showing sandbox option and request for API access buttons.

Does Wowza Streaming Cloud REST API is a different services, which needs to purchased separately?


Once you have purchased, you will need to request API access in the new paid/production environment. It doesn’t cost extra to use this feature. Please request access and we will get you setup today, if you haven’t already made the request.



Hi @Mac_Hill !

We are a Wowza Streaming Cloud Pay-As-You-Go subscription customer since many years and we have used the Wowza Cloud REST-API for fetching viewer data in the past for creating detailed automized reports for our customers.
Recently we had an issue with our account because we disabled the low latency option which resulted in a completly disabled account. While this problem has been resolved three weeks ago with Wowza support, we have still not regained access to the Wowza Cloud REST-API, although we have tried to do it in the recommended way (requesting via the linked support contact form) three weeks ago and again two weeks ago.
We have not received any answer other than the auto-mail informing us that the request has been received.

We really need the API Access as soon as possible. How long does it take to get it back?

Best regards,


I have had this corrected on your account. You should be good to proceed now. For the record, I did not see anything in our trouble ticket system that referenced this issue. But, I am glad we could resolve your issue right now. Have a great day!

Mac Hill
Senior Manager
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