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Wowza streaming engine fail over.


I wondering. I want to configure the stream to automatically fail over.

The first is a method that automatically fail over two streams from one equipment into the main/backup.

Main Stream/Backup Stream.

The second is to have two wowza streaming engines and configure them as main/backup. If the main stream has not been sent, the backup streaming.

If you know how to organize the first and second parts, could you tell me? I looked at the community, but I didn’t know.


Well I appreciate that you looked the community posts firsts and I’m happy to help you!

If you looking to have redundancy for when a live source goes down you can look into having redundant

workflows with a primary and backup source encoder sending streams to multiple Wowza origin servers,

and have Wowza edge servers that pull from these two origins as primary/backup.

More info in this article.

Hope that helps and if you’d like assistance setting it up, feel free to submit a support ticket.