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Wowza streaming engine fail


for some hours i have not been able to view my wowza stream outside of the server itself, like connections are being blocked. I re installed the sll, now i get this: REST API Authorization failed when connecting to server: (http://localhost:8087)

in my local host it says:

<?xml version="1.0"?>


The request requires user authentication




thank you for posting. Please open a support ticket from the support portal after logging into your account.

To better understand your deployment, we would like to review your Wowza server configuration and log files. For this purpose, kindly provide us with a ZIP file containing your conf/, logs/, transcoder/, and manager/logs folders.

For future reference, please visit our guide on how to prepare Wowza Streaming Engine config and log files for Support tickets. It is important that you provide an access log containing the Wowza server startup sequence, which includes valuable information about the environment, tuning, and versions of the Wowza Streaming Engine, as well as the Java version.

If you have a live stream, please share the encoder type and encoding settings with us. If you are using a .stream file to start re-streaming, kindly provide this information.

If you have an on-demand stream, it may not be necessary to provide access to the content at this time, but we may require it for further testing later.

Lastly, if you are using multiple bitrates (ABR), please provide the SMIL file associated with your configuration.

Bernd Backhaus
Wowza Support
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