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Wowza Streaming Engine, IOS, and Web Guidance

Hi, I’m new to mobile development as well as the concept of live streaming. I’m going to be developing exclusive (for now) on ios and the web. I have web development experience but I’m thinking of using Parse BaaS for backend just for sanity. I just need guidance on what I need to do to go from a user using their phone to capture live video to broadcasting it back to other users on their ios devices or on the web as well as storing it for VOD if users wanted to save the captured video. I spent some hours diving and looking for online resources but I think it’ll be much faster if I can ask an expert questions. An example of a similar app is the Wowza GoCoder.

These are the following tools and services I’d be using

  1. ios (objective c)

  2. Parse (BaaS for backend) and maybe AWS if I can’t use Wowza and Parse together

  3. JWPlayer

  4. Wowza Streaming Engine

So I guess I’m just looking for someone who can answer my questions. I have an exam next week and then another a few days after so I’m thinking of focusing on studying before jumping back into this, which is probably a good idea or else all I’ll be able to think about is this, but I just wanted to post this so I don’t have to wait a couple days to get a response back after my exams. Email me or provide the costs of your services.