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Wowza Streaming Engine manager not reachable inn LAN

Hi, we installed WSE on a machine in our LAN, and the WSE manager cannot be reached by another PC in the same LAN via its own ip address i( is the private class)

Of course we managed to open all the ports in local firewall, but the request times out.
We have a Cisco Router RV340 in our LAN, do we need to set up something special in it?

Thank you


I assume “” is a typo, and it’s actually 10.0.0x

Did you by change install Wowza on a Windows server? In that case you may need to open the ports on Windows’ own built-in firewall (or disable it altogether).

Some Linux distros also have firewall enabled by default, eg. “ufw” on Ubuntu or “firewalld” on CentOS. Easy to check with “sudo iptables -L” in the console. Consult the documentation for the distro and firewall that you’re using to find out how to open ports or disable it.

If local and network firewalls aren’t the problem, then you can check if the WSE manager is actually bound to the software. In Linux you can use netstat, ss, or similar.

Yeah sorry it was a typo.
Actually we installed on a Windows Server and the firewall should all be ok.
What do you mean with “you can check if the WSE manager is actually bound to the software”?

Karel means this: By default, Wowza Streaming Engine server software and Streaming Engine Manager install as system services and both should start automatically when you start your computer.


  1. Confirm that Wowza Streaming Engine is running:
  • Open a web browser and enter the URL:
    http://[ wowza-ip-address ]:1935/ServerVersion
    ( [ wowza-ip-address ] is the IP address or domain of the Wowza Streaming Engine server.)
  • If Wowza Streaming Engine installed correctly, the browser displays the Wowza Streaming Engine version number.
  • If not, make sure that the server is running and that TCP port 1935 is open on your router, firewall, and/or software firewall (iptables on Linux).

More troubleshooting here:

On local machine the server and the manager start and work with no problems.
Our only problem is that the manager is not reachable by other machines on the same network.

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Have you tried tinkering with windows firewall settings for allowing various tcp and udp inbound / outbound ports ?