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Wowza took much time than usual to load video


We have implemented wowza in our application but we faced a problem that there two live stream url we are using one is for live video stream and another is voting video stream url. Both the url get stream data from wowza and we are playing it in our player. So after live broadcasting we are playing the video from voting url until voting stream url not getting the data from wowza properly we can not able to play the voting video in our app and it took a loading time…so we we are implementing the process this way but we are unable to manage loading time because the stream completely depends on wowza.

How we can optimize the loading time in our application. Please let us know as soon as possible.


Hello @Scott_Hooten1,

The issue you describe seems very unique to your workflow. In order to get a better understand of how to solve the issue Wowza Support would need to review your configuration files and logs from the Wowza instance.
Please open a new support ticket here to have Wowza Support review the issue further.

Alex C.

We have raised a new ticket regarding this issue.
Ticket Number : 548357