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Wowza Transcoder can transcode 1080p stream to 1080i 50FPS

Wowza Streaming Engine’s Transcoder can change 1080p stream to 1080i 50FPS? if yes then how can I achieve that? Please help. . .

Hello @Syed_Mairaj, I did ask for you and this is what I was told, I hope it’s helpful and answers your question:

1080i is interlaced. We can handle interlaced input and deinterlace it but we can’t output interlaced. Interlacing works in an analogue environment (CRT box tvs) by sliding frames into each other, but 1080p or progressive works like a picture projector and will only play one frame at a time. Interlacing causes a ton of problems in a digital environment with frame rates and GOP etc and isn’t recommended for any delivery option that supports a wide userbase.

It doesn’t work that great as a source either, the only time Wowza technical support would recommend using it is if they have an older analogue or interlaced camera and there is no choice.

If you’d like to discuss it further with Wowza technical support, you can submit a support ticket.

@Syed_Mairaj can you state why you. Why do you need 1080i in the first place ? I am curious to know. As @Rose_Power-Wowza_Com mentioned it does not do well for the digital media of these days. However if you absolute must and you can live with delay you can try experimenting using ffmpeg to go from deinterlaced to interlaced.

We are IPTV and the issue is that my IPTV Provider only support 1080i @ 50FPS - what I want is to send my stream to wowza, then wowza will ingest and forward it to my IPTV Provider at 1080i 50FPS with SRT, just want to know is that possible or not?