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Wowza User Authentication with Username, Password and MAC-Adress

Dear Community

Its a great Server, nice develope! But i have some questions about the configuration.

We want to stream to friends directly on a example with Dreambox or vlc.

Streams work ready.

But we still ask the following questions in the room :slight_smile:

1 How can I limit a user to only a Dreambox? The fact that he can not only share the account? Maybe with limit over MACaddr

2 This limit access I want to all live streams, as on any video on Demand.

I’ve found the module ‘moduleOnConnectAuthenticate’ … so I can fulfill my wishes? Can someone give there a good tutorial to me?

This guide I found, but i dont understand all things:

Thanks for all help!

regards Pascal

Hi Pascal,

We can certainly help you with a custom module for authentication. Please contact me on Skype (ID: karelboek) or by email to discuss the case.

Kind Regards,

Karel Boek


I’ve spent many years creating security solutions for different companies.

We can discuss your needs in detail and then determine the best protection.

You may contact me: rshmelev [at] gmail {dot} com