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WOWZA VodHTTPorigin CDN and Media cache issue

DEAR team,

       As we have created  VOD HTTPliveorigin application for CDN support in WOWZA  , along with media cache pointing to S3 bucket is it possible to enable media cache in VOD http live origin application as like in VOD edge application. does the Media cache will work for VOD HTTPlive orgin application as it is working for VOD edge application.


The VOD HTTPliveorigin application type is designed to act as an origin server for delivering VOD content to CDNs or other edge servers. It provides the necessary functionality to deliver VOD content over HTTP, but it does not include built-in support for the media cache feature.
While it may be technically possible to enable the media cache in a VOD HTTPliveorigin application, it is not recommended or officially supported by Wowza. The media cache feature is closely tied to the VOD Edge application type and may not function correctly or provide the expected benefits when used in other application types.

Bernd Backhaus
Wowza Support
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