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Wowza webcam one-way broadcasting


At first i have to say , i am not sure if i am posting this question in the right place . But i need information is it possible to implement wowza webcam streaming ? In my project i use laravel framework and nodejs-socketio realtime chat .If it is,any guideness will help me a lot.But i have no idea about wowza ?

Thanks in advance

A good place to start would be to read over the Wowza User Guide

After that, get a simple live stream up and running:

How to set up live streaming using an RTMP-based encoder

Then you can take a look at this guide:

How to set up live video chat

Please let us know if you have any questions.



Support for WebRTC is on the road map but is not yet supported in the latest Wowza release.

As this continues to develop, more information will become available.

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I woudl suggest reviewing the codecs that can be ingested for transcoding in this article:

Focusing your efforts on having a useable codec combination is the first step, getting that signal into Wowza Streaming Engine is the next step, from there delivery should be pretty easy to achieve.

Usually there is a focus on the encoder, and you might consider looking at FFmpeg as an option to use for an encoder element.

I hope this helps clarify your options.


Jason Hatchett

Thank you so much for this guide.I will dig it and try it as soon as possible.But you can say that we can use wowza in any type of project .I mean it doesnt matter php laravel framework or others. Because i read some articles about it and confused me a lot . Thanks again .

Hi J.Hatchett,

Thanks for your reply , we would like to ask if wowza has support for webRTC ? we dont use flash on our website . Or is there any tutorial for it , because we couldnt find any spesific answer , on the forums said, there is no support for webRTC but its said long time ago .

Thanks again