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Wowza WebRTC in Docker, can't play video

Dear Wowza,

I have the Wowza WebRTC preview and the publish/play examples working well on my local machine, but I can’t manage to have it working when Wowza is running in Docker.

In the play example, the web socket client in the browser successfully connects to the server and retrieves the “iceCandidates”, but then no video is displayed. The console output in Chrome is actually the exact same than when Wowza runs out of Docker and the video displays properly.

These are the ports exposed by Docker on the host:
4430, 1935, 8086-8088, 9443, 6970-6980

There are no specific error in the server logs.

Are there other ports that need to be open?


Have you verified that the ports like 6970-6980 are mapped for UDP (with the /udp option in the -p if you’re running from CLI)? In addition can you verify from your ICE Candidates that are being received what port is being proposed?

Hi i am trying to get webrtc from docker container running inside k8’s.

were you able to resolve this?

I have the same issue!